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Become a valued partner / Reseller

Are you thinking of setting up your own hot tub dealership, or looking to grow your business and expand your range?

We can help you with all aspects of your dealership, from setting up, stock management and websites, to marketing, social media and selling.

Spa Care UK are one of the country’s fastest grown and most respected hot tub and swim spa distributors. We have over 8 years of experience in the hot tub industry and partner only with leading manufacturers who are the pioneers in energy efficiency hot tubs and are proud to have won various awards such as Supplier of the Year 2020, Most Energy Efficient Hot Tubs 2019 and What Spa Best Buy 2021.

Why Choose Our Business

Established brand and recognition

As a partner of Spa Care UK, you have the benefit of recognised and proven services, trademarks, award-winning products, patents and designs. You also have access to a library of reviews, images and videos. 

Support network and mentoring

We work closely with our partners. Our founders have many years of experience in the hot tub industry and will be on hand to support you and your business as you grow.

Proven marketing and advertising strategy

Setting up your own website, posting on social media, and running paid advertising campaigns is not only complicated but can be a timely and costly endeavour as you race to beat the competition. By utilising our team of marketing and website experts you get the benefit of years of experience and our proven marketing and advertising strategies.

Higher chances of success and faster expansion

Because we know what works, scaling your business from those first few sales to a successful dealership will be faster than compared to setting up on your own. The risks of your business failing are also significantly reduced. 

Unique CMS System for Resellers

The Innovate system that is changing the hot tubs industry for suppliers.

As a partner of Spa Care UK, you get free access to our innovative CMS system which allows you to easily track all of your orders, finances, and schedule deliveries directly from your computer or smartphone. This saves you a huge chunk of time and gives you an advantage over the competition, freeing you up to spend more time on marketing, selling and doing what you do best.

Our custom-built system is specifically for the hot tub industry and is split into three areas for your business:

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Dealer Access

  • Stock Management
    • Configure Products Aliases (allows custom product names)
  • Order Management
    • View / Manage new & previous customer orders and more
  • Logistics & Scheduling
    • Delivery Planner allows you to easily manage deliveries and track your drivers within our integrated Google Maps system
  • Servicing & Warranty Issues
    • Allows the dealer to create and manage servicing and warranty issues
  • Reporting
    • Dashboards to put key information at your fingertips. Daily reports & Forecasting

Employee Access

  • Deliveries
    • View delivery loads for the engineer
    • Load check sheets
    • View jobs on their loads
  • Job Information 
    • Order details
    • Delivery & Installation checklist
    • Raise support issues against the job (Missing items / Enquiries / etc.)


Customer Access

  • My Hot Tub
    • Order tracking
    • Consumables ordering
    • Servicing
    • Reporting Issues
  • Help Centre
    • Guides
    • Control Panel Manuals
iphone cms

Our system is designed to provide the customer with an easy and stress-free experience from the point of order, delivery & installation and throughout the lifetime of owning their new hot tub.

Dealers, employees and customers are all kept informed, information is available when needed and scheduling and planning are handled in a visual and easy-to-use format. The reporting dashboard show finances and sales figures and allows you to see which products are trending and where to focus your marketing efforts.

Showroom Order App

Dealers also have access to the showroom order platform with their customised company logo, product names and prices. You can print or email orders to your customers and the order will be automatically placed with your supplier. You can easily view and amend any order within the platform.

Services to Support The Growth of Your Dealership

What Services Are On Offer

Website For Your Dealership

Whether you’d like a quick plug-and-play website set up with your branding based on our template model, or a bespoke site built with your specific needs in mind, our website development team can have you set up and running in as quick as two weeks.

It is not uncommon for dealerships to have websites that are outdated, lack social proof, or have a poor design. This causes a lack of trust for the consumer and makes them less likely to engage with the dealership online. They may prefer to call or even decide to go elsewhere. 

Our websites are professional and easy for consumers to use. They immediately reflect the quality and authority of the Spa Care brand and impress our consumers. This means it’s more likely someone will engage with your business and make purchases directly on the website, saving you time and money in phone calls, sales queries, and advertising spend. 

A dealer website set up by our team in July 2021 saw 24 sales in the first 4 weeks directly through the website without any sales calls.
This dealer had previously never had sales through their old website.

As an added bonus, websites created by our team will automatically synchronise with our CMS, meaning stock levels are always up to date and orders can be processed automatically. 

Once your website has been set up,  you can either manage it yourself or, if you’d prefer to leave it to the experts, our team can manage the site and make changes for you. 

Check what your website could look like!

Paid Advertising on Google and Facebook

Partners of Spa Care UK can also access done-for-you paid advertising packages for Google and Facebook. These proven campaigns will run in your designated territory and be closely monitored by our experts. Previous campaigns have generated sales for as low as £153 per conversion and ROIs of up to 1544.5%

screenshot 2021 09 10 at 19.27.27

Social Media Management

Not a big fan of social media or don’t know where to start? Choose to have a strategy session with our social media expert who can advise you on making the most of your social media, or choose a done-for-you approach. Social Media Management covers publishing regular posts such as ads, videos, pictures, blogs, industry news on your Facebook and Instagram. 

We can also negotiate a dedicated social media manager to handle your social media queries too. They will get up to speed with the details of your products and services and ensure a speedy and friendly response to your fans and followers. 

screenshot 2021 09 10 at 19.28.45

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is an important part of your marketing strategy. It is the process of ensuring you are visible in local search engine results. Did you know that only 0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the 2nd page? Over half of all website traffic comes from organic search, so if you’re not showing up, you’re missing out to the competition. 

SEO takes time and a lot of background work, including blogs, listings, external links and more, but can be the most lucrative source of traffic. Data from our dealers shows that organic traffic has the highest revenue per user* and the smallest abandoned cart rate. 

Become a valued partner / Reseller

Join us and be a part of the future of the UK hot tubs industry.

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