This high-quality six-seater 343DL hot tub, designed with both seats and two loungers is suitable for everyone. Its 58 hydro jets have an array of health benefits such as hydrotherapy, helps with anxiety, soothes any pain or muscle tension and more; this spa will have your clients recommending your business again and again. The 343DL hot tub is perfect for businesses who focus on helping their clients heal, or even just for pleasure with two speakers, ice bucket and cup holders for entertainment.

Due to R10 Insulation, save an average of £32.92 per month on running costs when you purchase this spa. – Read More

The luxurious and welcoming hot water of this 343DL hot tub is certain to be popular among your clients. With multiple hydrotherapy jet massages with the array of seating, a choice of back focused seats or from neck to toe in one of the non-float loungers.
Each spa is built with an Ozonator and two filters which kills harmful bacteria and removes any oil or dirt within the water, ensuring the hot water is clean and gentle on the body. The Balboa Spa Touch Control Panel, impervious to water damage and contamination, allows your clients to control the features of the spa with its user-friendly display. Or the choice to download the Control My Spa app and do it directly from a smartphone or tablet.
All refreshments can be kept dry and cool with the complementary ice bucket and cup holders; a feature that many clients will be delighted by. Also, the ability to play their favourite music through the Bluetooth speakers and be illuminated by the LED lights and water feature.


Weight: KG


Capacity: 6 Persons Spa


Jets: 58 Jets


Pumps: 2 x 3hp x 1 Circulation Pumps


Dimensions: 230 × 230 × 95 cm

Power Supply

Power Supply: 32 AMP

Hot tubs built to last with premium components and the thickest shell on the market

Our power saver technology reduces energy consumption and saves on running costs

Easy care technology makes it simple to maintain all your spa components


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