This luxurious six-seater 366L hot tub is perfect for suppliers and businesses who require a top-quality spa. This 366L hot tub is designed with each of your clients in mind with features such as colour changing lights to a variety of massage options.

Due to R10 Insulation, save an average of £32.92 per month on running costs when you purchase this spa. – Read More

This luxurious six-seater 366L hot tub – with 20 jets to enhance relaxation and provide an immersive stress-relieving experience – is the perfect treat for your clients seeking relaxation. Research shows that hot tubs help with muscle relaxation due to the hot water and massaging actions from the jets. With this six-seater spa – containing 15 rotary therapy jets, 14 directional hydro therapy jets and 1 circular jet – you can introduce them to a powerful way to refresh and soothe the body and mind.
Designed with cutting-edge technology, this spa also includes WIFI, allowing the user to connect a device and play music. This hot tub also comes with cup holders for convenience and colour changing lights for elegance. The Aristech Acrylic used for the hot tub ensures that the surface of the tub remains bright for years to come without colour fading, and means it is very easy to clean. The sleek panels of the hot tub also include LCD displays which are easy to read and display a number of alerts and maintenance reminders.


Weight: 345 KG


Capacity: 5 Persons Spa


Jets: 50 Jets


Pumps: 2 x 3hp x 1 Circulation Pumps


Dimensions: 210 × 210 × 80 cm

Power Supply

Power Supply: 32 AMP

Hot tubs built to last with premium components and the thickest shell on the market

Our power saver technology reduces energy consumption and saves on running costs

Easy care technology makes it simple to maintain all your spa components


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