Welcome comfort, without the high cost into the lives of your clients with the HE-570 model spa. Fitted with 3 seats and 2 loungers, 45 powerful massaging jets and a 3 Kilo-Watt stainless steel heater, you can be sure to provide them with the comfort that you promise to deliver!

Allow your clients to experience the wonders of the HE-570. This personal hot tub sits 3 people but also features 2 non-float loungers for the option to fully immerse beneath the hot water. This model sports 45 soothing massaging jets to help ensure maximum comfort, with head-to-toe massages.
Not only is this comfort achieved through the use of our powerful jets, but also delivered with a built-in 3 Kilo-Watt Stainless Steel Heat. The HE-570 also includes entertaining features, such as colour changing LED lights and multiple audio sources such as AUX and Bluetooth – that your clients will absolutely adore.
Each hot tub is created with American Acrylic to ensure a strong and reliable spa, that is also easy to clean – with the added easy care CD Ozone with boost chamber, it’s guaranteed to have crystal-clear water with every use, as it removes any bacteria or dirt found within the water.


Weight: 391 KG


Capacity: 5 Persons Spa


Jets: 45 Jets


Pumps: x2 3.0HP x 1 Circulation Pumps


Dimensions: 218 × 218 × 92 cm

Power Supply

Power Supply: 32 AMP

Hot tubs built to last with premium components and the thickest shell on the market

Our power saver technology reduces energy consumption and saves on running costs

Easy care technology makes it simple to maintain all your spa components


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